Practice Area

  • Litigation

  • Family and inheritance law

  • Contracts and business relations

  • Consumer law

  • Employment law

  • Real Estate, property and tenancy

  • Intellectual Property and Information Technology

  • Criminal Law

  • Sports law

  • Tort law

Contenzioso CivileLitigation

Loven Associati represents clients in court proceedings in all ordinary and special Italian jurisdictions, most notably in civil, commercial, corporate, real estate, labour, banking and financial disputes. In the pre-litigation phase, the Firm's activity concentrates on facilitating client's informed decision-making based on, among other things, a thorough evaluation of the costs and benefits of the litigation process as compared to possible ADR solutions. Advising financial markets operators in significant disputes often involving foreign clients Loven Associati pays particular attention to the organisational aspects of its advice, including in the due diligence and investigative phases of litigation. The Firm also has consolidated professional experience in the often very complicated implications of the contemporaneous applicability of different laws and conflicts of jurisdiction and law.

Diritto di famigliaFamily and inheritance law

Loven Associati assists its clients in all the traditional fields, individual rights, separation and divorce, child protection and custody, disputes and inheritance distribution, succession.

ContrattualisticaContracts and business relations

Loven Associati assists its clients in most contractual relations, business to business and business to consumer. The law firm provide drafting General Condit of contract after a deep examination of client's business and critical matters; formulating specific agreements or clauses in order to safeguard client's interest, prevent litigation, obtain proper warranty of fulfilment; giving assistance in negotiations either through direct contacts with the other contracting party or by instructing client in the development of the bargain; out of court defence in raising claims of rejecting them in an effective way.

Diritto dei ConsumatoriConsumer law

Loven Associati assists its clients in all fields of practice relating to consumer law. The Firm assist clients in the drafting of all contractual documentation necessary for the establishment and exploitation of websites, and advice on issues linked to data protection, data processing and data transfer, children protection, on-line payments. The firm renders advice on product safety and in connection with product liability issues.

Diritto del lavoroEmployment law

Loven Associati represents and advises national and international clients in employment, labour and social security matters in labour disputes both out of court, in court and in arbitration. Attorneys in the labour and employment area assist clients on the full range of labour and employment law matters, including litigation with the unions for unfair labour practices.

Diritto ImmobiliareReal Estate, property and tenancy

Loven Associati assists national and international investors and managers in the Italian real estate market. The Firm advises in connection with the acquisition, sale and improvement of properties, both through direct investment and through real estate companies and funds; Loven Associati handles the legal aspects of the acquisition's financial structure and the management and lease contracts. Assistance in the real estate practice area is closely linked to project financing (construction of headquarters and shopping centres, and industrial, logistical and civil works structures), structured finance (securitisation of lease payments, mortgage loans, and real properties) and capital markets. The real estate practice area benefits from a dedicated business unit comprised of professionals who, in light of their experience in various relevant areas (corporate, finance, regulatory, tax) co-ordinate their advice to better serve client needs. Loven Associati counsels and assists its Clients in all the real estate contracts, as for purchase, sale and leasehold.

Proprietà IntellettualeIntellectual Property and Information Technology

Loven Associati assists clients to protect and exploit intangible assets, particularly in the most sensitive areas such as media, information technology and fashion.

Diritto AssicurativoCriminal Law

Loven Associati provides his legal services (advice and defence activities) for Individuals and Companies involved in criminal proceedings on crimes against property (arson, burglary, criminal damage, theft, trespassing, etc.) and crimes against justice (bribery, official misconduct, perjury, etc.). Loven Associati is engaged in defence activities and investigations related to the criminal implications which result from medical malpractice, health and safety law violations, environmental law violations, privacy, defamation. The firm also provides defence activities to clients who are victims of offences through the charge before the Public Prosecutor, the investigation activities and the damages suit. The Firm relies on external experts and private investigators to provide technical assistance in the defence activities and investigations.

Diritto SportivoSports law

Loven Associati provides its legal services to athletes and companies in negotiating and drafting contracts and accompanies clients in all of the usual transactions in this industry, such as: transferral of sports services, assignment of an athlete's image, sponsoring, brand licensing, assignment of audiovisual rights for sporting events, advertising contracts, assignments for the use of facilities, merchandising.

Diritto PenaleTort law

Loven Associati provides assistance and advice in the field of contracts of insurance, and on the possibility to assure or to guarantee the risks deriving from any commercial enterprise. The firm assists its Clients in all disputes related to tort law and civil liability, to handle at best the compensation for damages.

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