Avv. Viviana Grasso

Viviana Grasso

Venice, July 25th 1976
Areas of expertise
Intellectual property law, Copyright law, Antitrust law, Telecommunications law and the Communications Authority, Sports Law, Arbitration

Viviana Grasso has gained extensive experience in the areas of intellectual property law (national and local trademark registration, including pre-filing activities and novelty searches, unfair competition , counterfeiting, theft and misuse of confidential technical information and know-how , sale and licensing of trademarks, legal protection and arbitration of trademarks and patents, appellations of origin and geographical indications, designs, etc.), Copyright law (secure photographic images, works of industrial design, newspapers, artistic content -including literature, music, etc. and copyrights related to communication technologies, software and databases), Antitrust law (abuse of dominant position, restrictive agreements, procedures before the Authority competition and market), Telecommunications law and the Communications Authority, advice and assistance before the Antitrust Authority in litigation relating to advertising) and Sports Law (proceedings before organs of Sports Justice, arbitration procedures provided for in Articles 33.1 et seq .. of the Regulations of the CSAI etc..).

Viviana Grasso has been enrolled in the Milano Lawyers Bar since 2006.
2007, Center for American and International Law (formerly the Southwestern Legal Foundation). Academy of American and International Law, Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.
2003/2010, Teaching assistant, Private Law at the University of Milan Bicocca
May 7, 2004, relation as a speaker at the Master of Law and Communications at theUniversity of Milan “Legislazione in materia di televendite. Legge 223 del 6 agosto 1990. Contratto via internet e tutela della parte debole”
2001, Graduated in law – University of Parma
Alumni of the Academy of American and International Law
Foreign Languages
English, French, Spanish
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